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  • (Evoluted) Evolved

    (Evoluted) Evolved

    Poets and writers evolve, hopefully. I wrote this poem about forty years ago when I was young and stupid. The person who used to read my poems at the time pointed out that a word existed for someone or something that had moved forward through a process of evolution and that was: evolved (not evoluted… Continue reading

  • Journey


    I scribbled this poem down during a walk into the fells. It’s a reflection on love’s journey. (Soppy can be deep too you know). Life is not about achievement; it’s not something to be conquered or tamed. Life is to be experienced and at the very core of that experience is love. Love is life,… Continue reading

  • God Rolls

    God Rolls

    It has been a while since I have written a poem. I began writing in verse at the age of seventeen – a long time ago. I was in love with life but feared its fragility. I looked up at the sky and saw God. At the time I naively thought that God taught us… Continue reading

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