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  • Bamburgh on the Beach

    Bamburgh on the Beach

    I must have started this poem sometime ago. It must have been after visiting Bamburgh beach again – I don’t remember. Anyway, I found it recently and have made a few changes, mainly cutting stuff away. I put it here because it reminds me of the time when my children were young and we all… read more

  • We Own Love

    We Own Love

    There’s a fine line between love and suffering. Anyone who has loved deeply will know this. As you get older the fine line between the two becomes almost transparent. It is as if suffering itself takes hold of the hand of love to be guided by love into its uncertain future. There is only one… read more

  • Pyjamas


    I wrote this poem sometime back. It remains one of my favourite. Poems don’t need to make much sense. Sometimes you write poems because you have to, because the moment will never forgive you if you don’t… Pyjamas I saw you in your pyjamas the other night. I should have lifted the duvet and invited… read more

  • Waiting


    I’m not sure about this poem. I wrote it the other day after going down to the lake to write something about feeling close to nature and the beginnings of the autumn season. It ended up like this, as a reflection on what it is to be. – How long does it take before we… read more

  • Come On God

    Come On God

    The best place to think about things is in a cafe. Although I’m having to cut back on my all too frequent pit-stops because of the cost – everything is more expensive nowadays – and my expanding waistline. Despite that I stopped a few days ago for a cuppa. And I jotted this poem down.… read more

  • Inside You

    Inside You

    Love is a simple idea. Love is not about performance but about being. When you are in love the world doesn’t need to make sense it just needs to be and that becomes its purpose. The world is a place for love to be and for love to be it must have a one and… read more

  • Free-Will Quickie

    Free-Will Quickie

    A quick thought. It seems to me that there is a major flaw in the arguments made by those who like to suggest that free-will does not exist. According to those who deny free-will, choice is an illusion. Apparently the idea of free-will and the modern scientific view of the nature of reality, are, for… read more

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