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Giving In

I wrote these lines a while back. Something was clearly on my mind. Writing my thoughts into verse sometimes helps clear away persistent brain-fog. I’m not sure it has worked 😉 Maybe some thoughts just need to make their own way to consciousness naturally, in their own time – maybe some thoughts need to be allowed to flow like a stream along its own path.

giving in

this is a poem
about you

it is a poem about 
letting go 
of a life
that holds you

letting go 
of the hope you pulled
from a once fragile


this is a poem
about a formless
that has enchanted you

like a child
who fears the ground
he treads
with each note


it is a poem
about the grown-up game 
you play
where the rules
are lost
before the dice is thrown

this is a poem
about giving in
to letting go

and a new beginning

I like to introduce my readers to the poems I write but I don’t like to try to explain them. Poetry doesn’t work like that. People discover the meaning of a poem in their own time and way. Even the poet has much to discover in their own work. I do like to give a bit of a background to the poem and sometimes, if possible, to provide a picture of where I was at the time.

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