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Into The World

I must admit to a recent struggle with my beliefs. I have been watching so many YouTube videos exploring the nature of reality from a variety of religious, philosophical and scientific perspectives, that my head is beginning to explode. Anyone who knows me will know that my own personal explorations into the nature and meaning of reality is an important function of who I am. I’ve been asking questions about the nature of existence since I was a boy. The problem is I feel that today, as the 21st century progresses forward, the religious narratives that have been used for centuries to explain human existence, no longer have the power to inspire. While this is happening, scientific narratives are gaining in popularity. And scientific narratives are usually atheistic (non-religious).

A new spiritual narrative needs to arise and I am beginning to believe that this new narrative has to be personal to each individual. One could say that now: There is only one way to God and that is your own. A belief that reality is divine or sacred cannot be proven. How can it? The only evidence that reality is divine is reality itself which is, I believe, the answer to the question: Why is there something rather than nothing?

Does this mean that morality is also self-defined? In a way yes. But there exist moral norms that are built into reality just as there are limits to the speed that light can travel and laws that govern gravity… Reality has a specific way of being which includes a moral order. We are free to challenge the moral order I’m sure, and I’m also pretty sure we won’t be punished for that. We were not made free to be punished for using our freedom.

Anyway, I jotted down a little verse to end my thoughts.

I must bring God into the world
not just the idea
but the life

Just as my brain builds the world for me
colour, sound and shape
it asks the question

what are you going to do with this?

I can add a pinch of luck
or a spoonful of mythology
but I must give my world its voice

no one else can. 

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