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We Own Love

There’s a fine line between love and suffering. Anyone who has loved deeply will know this. As you get older the fine line between the two becomes almost transparent. It is as if suffering itself takes hold of the hand of love to be guided by love into its uncertain future. There is only one joy to growing old: You can, at last, face love as an equal. Through suffering you have earned the right to stand alongside love and say: Yes, isn’t it wonderful.

We Own Love

to suffer
is to pay the price
of love

- suffer
the warmth of sunlight
the buzz
of living’s restless contesting 
it’s insignificance.

dust is reborn into many lives
as the end is resurrected
and again

but we stay

we stay
with the words we carve
into the flesh of being real

into the hope
of the not-forgotten to the mind 
of God.

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