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Inside You

Love is a simple idea. Love is not about performance but about being. When you are in love the world doesn’t need to make sense it just needs to be and that becomes its purpose. The world is a place for love to be and for love to be it must have a one and at least one other. Love must be in at least two places before it can be in one place, before it can be whole. Love must be connected before it can be experienced.

Inside You

It seems a lot of work
just for a kiss
but I’d build a universe again
for another.

Anyone who imagines
love is not the cause
may never have been kissed 
by someone
like you.

I’m not afraid to say
being inside you
was the beginning and the end
of everything 
for me.

better be right
and we come back time and time

and then maybe 
with a mix of quantum 
I’ll get the chance 
to stay inside
even when I’m not. 

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