The other day I went fell-walking with friends. The background air was warm but a desperately cold wind whistled over the hills. Contrasting layers of warmth and chill accompanied us throughout the walk. Today, I wanted to write a poem about love. I was feeling melancholic but joyful too. These two emotions have been following me everywhere. I saw my neighbour bringing in her bin and then wrote this poem.

arriving home from work

arriving home from work I bring the bin in
with the wind chasing behind 

i open the door with a key that may 
one hundred years from now
lay in topsoil
tangled in nettle-root

the hall
is full of ghosts eating our days away
and an umbrella stand

the kitchen greets me with an empty sigh
and a list of jobs to do before night
drags in another day

my plate begs me to eat but my throat
is closed

as the window paints itself black
i watch the corner of my eye
to see you again

happiness is something i became attached to
nothing more

when you left i found God
he had been standing behind you
all along

i’ve always liked the bedroom
it belongs
to your dreams

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