Life is Beautiful

I sat writing this poem this afternoon while listening to the music by Shigeru Umebayashi. I think I may have played Yemeji’s Theme and Efude several dozen times. Music moves me into inspiration better than anything. Before I turned the music on, I was reflecting on how it would be wonderful to be as free and simple as a child. As an adult my mind is like a well-stocked bric-à-brac shop. Beaches are always beginnings. The emptiness of endless sand, sea and sky represents limitless potential. Sometimes you just have to dream, and play. We’re all kids after all.

Life is Beautiful

Let’s say we’ll play like kids on a beach
we’ll build a sand castle
a home
and then we’ll knock it down

we’ll paddle, clean our knees
and feet, in the salty font
where dreams float forsaken
and kids sit in shells

and float away. Let’s say 
we find a rockpool, find life, in small
forms flitting across a wet sky
to hide in clouds of pink coralline

we’ll have bread to eat on top
of a mountain, watch a gull, share thoughts 
that don’t belong to us. 

Let’s say we’ll play like kids on a beach
we’ll imagine the past neglects us
leaves us playing together
a long while longer. 

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