Only Time

For the past two days I have been reflecting on memories and love. Time goes by scaringly fast and memories collect like fallen leaves. Most memories are neutral and are easily swept away. Some are precious and are kept, pressed between the pages of our life story. Other memories we try to forget and we want to burn into oblivion. But these bad memories can become inner strengths. Time heals if you allow it. For the sake of our past, all memories must be kept. Anyway, I wrote a poem about time this morning. Enjoy.

only time

only time harms and heals
with every momentary embrace.
only time opens opportunity 
closing the gone-stale, the churning shadow
of things done, the endless pity and regret. 
only time swallows the past in one sharp

time is our unchanging friend. time is
an adventure, an open sea, a vast 
beach. time is the edge of every

only time empties itself
giving life to the lost, hope
to our neat and tidy, purposeless
world. only time knows where life begins. 
only time waits as it moves and falls 
as it ascends. only time has nowhere to go 
except back into

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