I scribbled this poem down during a walk into the fells. It’s a reflection on love’s journey. (Soppy can be deep too you know). Life is not about achievement; it’s not something to be conquered or tamed. Life is to be experienced and at the very core of that experience is love. Love is life, Bergson’s élan vital that transforms dead matter into breath and skin and love stories. When you feel true love you are alive to the force – the Bergsonian one (not the Star Wars version).


seeing with our eyes closed, walking one foot
in front of another’s

love is given to the hands
to hold 
to dissolve into the day
into thought

into bone

there’s no brokenness 
no shape that no longer fits

it is
like the mountains we walk, like the hills
we roll down

something more real
than the day
more real 
than words undone

warm like skin 
and as soft as a moment together, where love
begins again

a new spring.

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