An Ullswater Reflection

This was our first break away from home since the start of the Winter lockdown. The Lake District campsite, where we stayed, was full of very happy adults and children in very holiday spirits. Lockdown, it seems, has not made us forget how to have fun. On Saturday evening Sarah and I walked down to Ullswater lakeside with our cameras and took a few photos as the sun slowly set. I forgot my pen and notebook so I just sat and watched the evening descend. It was a magical time. When I got back to the campervan I scribbled down the poem below. I think it’s a bit melancholic maybe, but in a positive sort of way. Let me know what you think.

An Ullswater Reflection

Ullswater lake was there as usual 

we stood by dead trees 
and watched water 

the tumbling sun was just above 
the mountain opposite
skimming light on ripples in front
of our feet 

we watched that too

until the chill moved us on just as far
as fallen wood smoothed by trousers and skirts
we sat watching time speed past
thinking about journeys to places like this
from fading photos in frames
and houses that needs redecorating

the sun becomes less round
as it hits the mountain 
and a cloud grows dark

night sends us home to boil water

tea is no place to sink a day 

but tea is all we are left with 
and my pen 
that wasn’t even there 

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